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Canon MP Series Printers


Amongst other hardware we use, is an old but trusty MP640 printer from Canon. We like this multi function device because it is simple, cheap, and performs a number of different tasks (we even used to print dvd and cd faces using it.)

Regrettably we came across a problem when upgrading to High-Sierra (OSX.13). The software used to scan from this device - MP Navigator EX - would crash when trying to load.

This isn't such an unusual occurrence when upgrading an OS so we went over to the Canon UK site to find an update. Only there wasn't one.

A quick call to Canon support confirmed that the printer / scanner was now obsolete and no new software would be available. It was stuck at 3.0.

This wasn't the outcome we were expecting or hoping for, so we started looking for alternative software.

A quick hunt found us MP Navigator V 4 & V 5 but these weren't compatible with the printer.

However we then turned up MP Navigator EX V 3.1 on the Canon Asia site. This worked for us and we are now happily scanning again.

You can find the software here:

Or if they remove the link, we have a copy available on our servers here: MP Navigator 3.1

Hopefully this will help someone else out of a hole and get them up and running again. Poor support from Canon though who seem to be intent on getting customers to buy new hardware - at least outside of the Asia region.

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